Cassava / Yuca from XAGRO

Fresh Cassava from XAGRO

XAGRO exports quality cassava to buyers large and small

Processed Cassava from XAGRO

Peeled cassava fresh, frozen, or Individual quick frozen (IQF) to meet your requirements. Cassava french fries go to large restaurant chains to replace potatoes. Mashed cassava is used by restaurants and institutional food suppliers.

What is the difference between frozen cassava and IQF cassava? QUALITY! The IQF process freezes the cassava within seconds preserving the cell structure, texture, and the taste of the product. If you are looking for IQF quality, make sure your supplier has modern IQF equipment and not just freezers. Most frozen cassava is simply frozen which is why the price and quality are low.

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Cassava Photos

Packing Yuca

XAGRO is a team. We work together to provide a consistent, quality product to our customers.


We can pack to meet your exact requirements, including custom printed boxes, PLU and Databar Labels.

Food pails

Mashed Cassava or Puré is often packed in food grade pails.

IQF Yuca

IQF can be packed in consumer bags, or larger bags for institutional use.